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How to Make a Handyman Invoice

There are simple steps you can use to create a handyman invoice to bill your customers for work done. It's a document that is issued to a customer
to collect partial or full payment for a job. The handyman invoice also adds to your record-keeping for accounting, helps with your credibility
as a professional business, and when personalized can help with branding and promotion.

Handyman invoice explained section by section

1. Your business name and contact information
This is an important area of the invoice because this is where the name and contact details of the person or business issuing the invoice are placed.
It is generally the first thing you see in the top left-hand corner of the invoice. You can add your personal touch by adding your business logo,
use special fonts, colors, etc. depending on how much you would like to personalize it.

2. Name of the invoice
You can write in bold letters "Handyman Invoice" at the top right-hand corner to indicate the type of invoice.

3. Invoice number and date
You can then include consecutive numbering and a space to write on the effective date. These things can be used as proof as to when payment
was made, especially if there is cond=fusion between dates. You can also add a due date area if the terms include payments sometime in the future.

4. The customers' contact information or who it is billed to
Add the contact information of the customer like their name, address, phone number, fax, email address, etc.

5. Description of the work area
Describe the work that was completed by including the name and quantity of materials used, labor, equipment, and anything else that was included
in getting the job done. This area is normally made in a table like manner with rows and columns. The first horizontal line would include

a. Item Number
b. Description
c. Quantity
d. Price
e. Total

Each of these headings would have its own column.

Note that this would be just one particular format. You can layout the information in a way that works for you.

6. Payment terms
Payment terms and conditions would include details about how you would like to get paid for your handyman services. It could include things like 30 days net or payment in full as soon as the job is completed. You could also request a deposit before the job starts.

7. Notes

Posted on March 17, 2020