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Distribution Ideas For Landscaping or Lawn Service Door Hangers

As a lawn care professional, you know how important it is to advertise your business because the competition is always ready to take a portion of it. You realize that door hanger marketing is an effective way to get and maintain new customers. A professional design is created with a very powerful sales pitch and now it's time to distribute them.

Landscaping Doorhanger

It is easy to get drawn into the design and printing of the door hangers so much so that not enough time is spent planning the distribution. The latter is the most challenging part of the process because it takes guts to really go from door to door and put them on knobs. It takes strong will and patience to get this job done right. 

The same enthusiasm and planning that goes into the design and printing, should also go into the distribution strategy. Follow these steps to get the most from this landscaping door hanger marketing method.

1. Decide on a farm area
Before you head out to start your marketing, there are a number of factors that one should consider first before you choose a neighborhood or community. What price range yards do you want to work with? You know that location plays a very important part in how much you will charge for your services. You can help to decide this by looking at the cost of homes. The area or location will also decide the type of clients that you will have to deal with. One should also take into consideration the distance that will have to be traveled because this will affect your time and ultimately your profits.

2. Choose a time
What is the best time for you to do your distribution? Should you go early morning or later in the afternoon? Choose a time that best fits your schedule. The time will also depend on if you decide to knock on the door speak to someone or if you only want to hang the door hanger on the knob.

3. Have a message
Even if you do not intend to speak to someone as you approach each address, you should still have a sale pitch just in case someone answers the door. You might as well use one stone to kill two birds.

4. Do it consistently
Like many marketing methods, this type of distribution can be very effective if you do it consistently. It will bring you a steady flow of business and help to build your brand.

5. Measure and repeat.
It is important to know the effectiveness of this approach, therefore one should take note of how much business is generated through this method. Sometimes the message of the door hanger itself needs to be tweaked a little bit. You may need to change the neighborhood. In some places, people like to cut their lawn themselves, while others have to hire your services because of their busy schedule.

Posted on March 30, 2016